Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Episode 2:3 - And So It Begins

And, we're off! Listen.

  • Feedback
    • You've all been super awesome – but I'm supposed to be the encouraging one!
    • Nan writes about using 100 words a day (more on wikipedia)
    • I got encouraging email from Michael and returning listener Baron
    • Leslie sent me a voice mail with the most awesome image in it – listen
  • What's up today
    • the nanowrimo site is slow as molasses
    • you can now subscribe only to the forums you actually read
    • don’t forget to upload chunks of your novel in progress so we can all read
    • I’d like to do readings, so send me an audio file of your reading, send me text for me to read or just let me know if you want me to read your excerpt


Sarah said...

Thanks for the mention of being able to subscribe to only part of the NaNoWriMo forums; I was getting more than a little tired of scrolling down the list to find the distractions I was after.

(My novel is making me abuse semicolons and em-dashes. Somebody stop me before it's too late!)

I just passed 6k words! I know this pace is too good to last, because I'll eventually have a project to work on at my day job, but hey, writing is fun again! I've got a writer's high, at the moment, much like a runner's high. Hopped up on endorphins/chocolate, everything is possible.

Now, time for a nap.

- Sarah (cascade-fire), whose fingers refuse to stop moving

Steph (fuffyfrog) said...

I hope all goes well for you. So far so good. Although day one I wanted to quit about 6 times or so. I blame the format that I was writing in. It was like a diary/journal sorta thing. I don't like books that are like that anyways, and so I don't know what came over me. But now, it's all good. except that I changed the plot kinda. so now there's no plot. except my main character is going to die- via gastric cancer- and he's driving another character up to NYC. oh, hey look plot!

haha, also, the dare threads= godly. I'm deliberately writing parts of my novel to accommodate these dares.

have fun.