Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Episode 2:8 - Weird It Up

Bet yer plot bunnies & ninjas (ninja bunnies?) here! And mp3s, too.
  • feedback
    • Michael writes about having similar problems as me, but got over it
    • Nan has another distraction
    • Lesley has a question - who wants to publish and who does NaNo as only a personal exercise
  • main course
    • answering Lesley’s question, I only tend to write during nano, but yes, I have delusions of publishing
    • Michael got over his blockage by spending a few minutes brainstorming – I did this early on & it helped a lot
    • I also got out to the local meeting this weekend, I met Steph, talked about chickens, weasels and pants
  • reading
    • Steph’s excerpt

1 comment:

Nan said...

I'm sorry about the distractions.I found this cool MOzilla thing called Stumble upon. It's an add on. You choose categories, like art, writing, sports, news, literature. there's a lot of them. And then you push the stumble button and it goes to a website in that category, or to just a random one. Some are boring, but others are really really neat, and I'd never have found them in a million years.
I don't know if Mac users can use Mozilla, or if so, can install Stumble Upon. If you can, do. It is totally cool. Find it on the Mozilla website.
But maybe it would be better to wait until Dec.