Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One Week Countdown (episode 6)

An inside podcast for the calm before the storm. Listen or download the podcast.
  • Sforzie mentioned RoughDraft, too
  • I got a nice e-mail from Patrick
  • LS Russell left a comment letting me know about the nice mention he gave me & this podcast on his blog and podcast – They Shoot Werewolves, Don’t They. He’s going to be blogging his novel and doing a weekly podcast too. Check it out @ theyshootwerewolvesdontthey.blogspot.com
The Tip of the Day comes from Peter Herring, whose nano is writing a non-fiction book about fiction.

Tools & cool stuff:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Preparation (episode 5)

The best outside sound quality so far! Maybe practice does pay off. Now go get the audio, then e-mail or call me!

  • hey Sforzie and Tenshisama - thank for the comments
  • rScott reminded me about RoughDraft
  • check out this face maker


  • create characters
  • make outlines
  • books, movies, music
    • read books like your novel
    • read books about writing, like Spider, Spin Me A Web
    • watching movies in the genre of your novel
    • get soundtracks organized
    • join the NaNo CD exchange

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tools (episode 4)

This podcast is rated "W", for crappy audio (due to wind on the walk home).

Download or listen to the podcast. Better yet, subscribe using one of the ever-so-cute buttons in the sidebar.
  • Portability/backup
    • Backpack
    • USB thumb drives
    • e-mail chapters to yourself using gmail or Yahoo mail (if you need a gmail invite, e-mail me; I have lots!)
    • backup to your iPod
    • blogging tools (you can password protect some of them, like WordPress, but you need your own host)
    • is you use livejournal/deadjournal, you can restrict who can read each entry

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Supporters (episode 3)

An inside podcast today (yay! no traffic noise!). Listen or download here.

  • nanowrimo.org seems to be up & running
    • you can register, check out the forums, make a donation or buy nano gear
  • feedback about the outdoor sound quality
    • “it’s okay, but could be better”
    • I'm working on it
  • speaking of feedback, I got mail!
    • hey, Helena and Refrayze – thanks for the comments
    • the message line is now open at 206-350-6266, which spells 206 350 NANO
For wrimo-supporters:
  • be supportive
    • help when asked
    • don’t help when not asked
    • take it seriously
  • realize that we won’t have much time for you
    • roommates/spouses will have to take up a lot of housework
    • make dinner
    • friends won't see a lot of us
    • it might be nice if you showed up with a casserole
E-mail me or call and I'll see you on the forums!