Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Supporters (episode 3)

An inside podcast today (yay! no traffic noise!). Listen or download here.

  • nanowrimo.org seems to be up & running
    • you can register, check out the forums, make a donation or buy nano gear
  • feedback about the outdoor sound quality
    • “it’s okay, but could be better”
    • I'm working on it
  • speaking of feedback, I got mail!
    • hey, Helena and Refrayze – thanks for the comments
    • the message line is now open at 206-350-6266, which spells 206 350 NANO
For wrimo-supporters:
  • be supportive
    • help when asked
    • don’t help when not asked
    • take it seriously
  • realize that we won’t have much time for you
    • roommates/spouses will have to take up a lot of housework
    • make dinner
    • friends won't see a lot of us
    • it might be nice if you showed up with a casserole
E-mail me or call and I'll see you on the forums!

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