Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One Week Countdown (episode 6)

An inside podcast for the calm before the storm. Listen or download the podcast.
  • Sforzie mentioned RoughDraft, too
  • I got a nice e-mail from Patrick
  • LS Russell left a comment letting me know about the nice mention he gave me & this podcast on his blog and podcast – They Shoot Werewolves, Don’t They. He’s going to be blogging his novel and doing a weekly podcast too. Check it out @ theyshootwerewolvesdontthey.blogspot.com
The Tip of the Day comes from Peter Herring, whose nano is writing a non-fiction book about fiction.

Tools & cool stuff:


Sforzie said...

Hehe, I liked Mr. Herring's suggestion. (I think I'm gonna stock up on underwear for the month. That might work. I still have to wash my work clothes weekly, though. ._.)

I've been trying to think of some helpful tip or something to offer you for your listeners, but I..er... haven't had much luck so far.
I found that the best advise I can offer is... to just sit down and write. That's how I won last year. ^^; (And I'm one of those easily distractable people, too.)
Oh! And remind people to donate! Not only does the halo make one look quite sexy, the good writing karma helps too. (Not to mention the fact that some people won't quit if they felt they've spent money on the program.)

Anonymous said...

Just write. Don't donate. Don't buy NaNoWriMo gear. Just write. And stop leaving comments here. Get back to work!

Anonymous said...

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Once again, thank you ##NAME##, keep up the unusual posts. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Being a physician, amongst other things I often have a soft spot for blogs related to ##LINK## and /or sites that are built around writing resources type items.

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