Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tools (episode 4)

This podcast is rated "W", for crappy audio (due to wind on the walk home).

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  • Portability/backup
    • Backpack
    • USB thumb drives
    • e-mail chapters to yourself using gmail or Yahoo mail (if you need a gmail invite, e-mail me; I have lots!)
    • backup to your iPod
    • blogging tools (you can password protect some of them, like WordPress, but you need your own host)
    • is you use livejournal/deadjournal, you can restrict who can read each entry


arrScott said...

I'm deciding between CopyWrite, Avenir, and Jer's Novel Writer. CopyWrite seems like a very involved app, with more features than I think I need for this project (plus it behaves funky on my hard drive). Avenir feels like CopyWrite stripped of any functionality I wouldn't use anyway, and it's very customizable. Jer's Novel Writer is bare-bones, offering only the functionality I absolutely need. But it's free (for now). Jer's Novel Writer and Avenir feel like they'll work nicely, and Avenir has enough functionality that I could see myself shifting some of my professional writing over to it.

All that said, any recommendations? Have you sampled any of the non-CopyWriter apps for the Mac? Why do you use CopyWriter, and what about it would you change if you could?

Also: For the Mac, I've just fallen in love with a little note-taking app in wiki form called VoodooPad. I've got all my novel notes on it and cross-referenced like mad. It's lovely software.

Finally, please, please record future podcasts away from the wind. You do spend some time every day indoors, right? Home, work, at the pub, wherever, just please record where the air is still.

darusha said...

I know, the wind is bad. I'll try not to let it happen again (even if it means giving up my brilliant plan of only recording when I can't be writing).

I like CopyWrite mainly because it's familiar now. I love the new ability to go full screen with big type (I'm over 30 now), plus the notes drawer and automatic backup are big plusses. I actually think I might like Jer's Novel Writer better, but I'm not willing to ride the learning curve during Nano.

I'll have to check out VoodooPad. I doubt it will lure me away from Backpack, though. I used to hate web app, now I wish every app were a web app!

L. S. Russell said...

This is just a trackback. I mentioned your site in my podcast and on my blog, and thought it might be polite to let you know.