Friday, November 24, 2006

Episode 2:11 - The Self-Indulgent Show

Wherein the host waxes poetic about all the lovely encouragement she’s gotten from the listeners and Oscar-Mike-Golf! Another McManlyPants novel is done! Listen to the fangirl babble.

  • feedback
    • Michael sent me a very encouraging nanomail
    • Nan is sent me another great email about her excitement about being so close to done, worrying about typos and nice stuff about the podcast and its wonderful listeners
  • main course
    • woo hoo! to all the listeners
    • many of us are very close to finishing
    • if you aren’t close to 50K, don’t forget that this is one of those weird things where starting is almost as good as finishing
    • we’re novelists – how cool is that?
    • my neighbour & friend Kris got the green bar
    • so did Robust McManlyPants, about whom I talk for too long
  • reading
    • Eugenia's excerpt

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