Friday, November 10, 2006

Episode 2:6 - Novellists in Spa-a-a-ce

One third of the way in. Listen in as we fill the void.
  • feedback
    • 2 votes for call-in show (sort of) - tell me what you want to do
    • a bunch of people have sent in excerpts or permission to read the excerpts in their profiles – keep it coming!
    • Sarah is stuck in the week 2 doldrums
  • readings
    • congratulations Sforzie and Josh on hitting 50K!
    • (you both make me sick)


Alcar said...


I can't believe you actually READ that story.

I feel the need to apologize to anyone who had to listen to it, since it was written to torture someone with :)

Sforzie said...

Thank for reading. I'm used to people hating me for my wordcount. Maybe I won't do this again next year. Hmm.

Ernte's name is German, and you pronounced it wrong (it's more like urn-tah), but it was still nice hearing someone reading my garbage. :) It's being over 600 years since that happened, so I'm sure he'll forgive for the name thing.