Monday, November 06, 2006

Episode 2:4 - Mad Novelling

Slow going. Listen here.
  • feedback
    • Sarah & Steph left comments
    • I got email from Robust McManlyPants, my nano stalkee
  • main course
    • my wordcount is okay, but the story is slow going
    • I have trouble with names
    • I've been missing out on the local meetups – this is stupid and I need to stop being stupid
  • reading
    • no reading this week
    • send me your stuff! (or just let me know if I can read your excerpt)

1 comment:

Sforzie said...

I was halflistening to your recent podcast (the other half was in the nanosprints AIM chat room), when I heard my name. Always fun.
Um... I'm at 45k, shh. Who knows where I'll be by next week's podcast. Um... you can read my except off the nano-site if you want to. Yep.