Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Day Two (episode 8)

Day two. Not perfect audio, but not bad enough to get a warning. Check out the mp3.

Tools I should have mentioned before:
How I record:
  • outside - Palm Tungsten C with cell-phone style earbud
  • inside - GarageBand with microphone on iSight
Listener feedback:
  • Leslea reminded me to tell y'all where the website can be found (check out her website & podcast)
  • Maria wants me to stop doing outdoor podcasts - ain't gonna happen
Also check out the new cool profile page thingy on the nanowrimo website.


eFairy said...

Darusha, I really am enjoying your podcasts. Thanks for announcing your blog url again, and thanks for the shout-outs 'n' stuff!

On a more personal level, I appreciate the outdoor podcasts as well as your frequency and length. I feel like I'm getting to know you a little bit, and I like you. :-)


eFairy said...

Also, I searched for you on and couldn't find you. I was going to add you as my friend so I could spy on your word count. :)

darusha said...

You can find my profile here.

I'm spadequeen

Kenneth said...

Thanks a million for mentioning Webpen. Should be back into serious production in a week or two.