Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day Three (episode 9)

I called this one in, and the sound is a lot better. Check out the mp3.

There was more talk about webpen, and some thoughts from Wrimo Radio about encouraging each other. For many of us, there's more to NaNoWriMo than just writing 50,000 words. It's about community and working together.

Way to go us! Let's keep up the good spirits.

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sforzie said...

You mentioned burnout today... bit of advice for the day is, don't force yourself to write any more than you really can. I mean, if you can write more than your word goal, fine. But don't hurt yourself.
*Don't attempt high daily word counts without a spotter, or at least sufficient amounts of caffeine.*

This is coming from someone who squeezed out 30,000 words in three days. I can't feel my brain anymore! *zombie*