Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Day Twenty-Three (episode 22)

Questions and answers and an mp3 file.

Way to go Sforzie, you crazy crazy woman!

From the forums: seven nano questions

1) How are you feeling right now about you novel?
  • pretty good
2) Are you satisfied with your word count?
  • yes and no
    • yes because I’ll hit 50,000 way befire I did last year
    • no because I slowed down a lot
3) Do you want to get your novel published?
  • yes
4) Which week was the worst for you?
  • the 7 day stretch between weeks 2 & 3
5) How much time do you spend writing your novel?
  • a couple of hours a day except when I don’t
6) What do you think of writing two 50 000-word novels at a time?
  • No! (unless you’re Sforzie)

7) True or False, do you think your novel is worth reading?

  • True

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