Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day Eight (episode 12)

I'm feeling better today (yay sleep!), and it turns out that yesterday's writing wasn't so bad, after all. Get the mp3 to hear all the gory details!

An example of city word wars can be found at the forums.

I'm starting a word war among all of us: within the 24 hours after you hear this episode, time yourself for ten minutes, then post your word count as a comment. Or e-mail me your count and a chunk of your ten minute output. Even more cool, call me and read it to us all! w00t! Go word wars.


darusha said...

My ten minute word count: 323.

Favourite typo: If privacy were the e=concern.

I think privacy is the e-concern, don't you.

sforzie said...

My ten minute word count: 529.
I think it was higher because it was mostly dialogue. (Okay, it was mostly one vampire telling another one to shut up so he could talk.) I usually type a lot slower.
For NaNoWriMo I'm writing two novels at once. My progress:
1st novel: 32926
2nd novel: 32320
They're running neck and neck. Silly vampires.