Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Day Nine (episode 13)

Two novels, lots of words and popular tools. Check out the mp3.

Way to go Sforzie! Over 50,000 already. See my envy. See it burn.

Check out this progress meter available from You plunk this tag into your site's code:

<img src="" />

and you replace the 11111 with the numeric id from your profile on the nano website (check the url when you go to your profile for the id).

There's also a big one available at danguf's livejournal site.

Don't forget about the 10 minute word war, and let me know how you're rewarding yourself as you meet your goals.

1 comment:

sforzie said...

Ooh, I got a shout out. I feel all fancy-like. ^^;
I'm embarassed now, though. Ehehe.