Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day Twenty-Nine (episode 26)

The penultimate episode!! Get the mp3!!!

As seen on my friend's bookcase: my last year's nanovel between William Gibson & Neal Stephenson. A dream come true.


Sforzie said...

Congrats on finishing!
And thank you for a very entertaining month. I really actually looked forward to the new podcasts. ^^;

I might try the LuLu thing... but I dunno yet. ^^;

I discovered, while verifying my novel(s) a final time on the website, that there's a reason the counter limits at 200k! Because the average 200k word text file is a smidgen over 1megabyte, and that's the file size limit for the validator. So, there you go.

Nidonocu said...

Just wanted to leave a final note to say I really enjoyed listening to the Podcast this year and I hope you do another next year. :)
I didn't win but.. there's always next year. ;)
See you tomorrow!