Thursday, November 01, 2007

3:2 Day One!

Woo hoo! November first. With an mp3.

  • it wasn't the most auspicious start
  • Darusha's at about 2000 wds
  • Steven has about 800 1166
  • Darusha shares tips about not editing
  • Steven wonders if it's possible to actually not care about quality
Check out for great tunes, including the theme music Dragon Dance by Shiva in Exile.

Keep the feedback coming!


Jotacon said...

You cheat :P
Gotta take out a sentence you don't like.

Jotacon said...

It's your fault I'm behind on my word count. Beautiful Red is awesome.

darusha said...

@jotacon: Thanks! But let it serve as inspiration - my nano novel for 2005 was the first draft of Beautiful Red.

Jotacon said...

I really like your use of implanted electronics and 3D UI. Escher as icons is a great touch.