Sunday, November 11, 2007

3:4 Compound Words are not Your Friends

In which we determine that German is a bad language in which to write a nano novel. Especially if you don't speak German.

  • Excerpt - Nameless by Kreg
  • feedback
    • Steven Ray Orr
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  • tips & tricks
    • Kreg of the excerpt suggests using imdb for names, just mix & match
  • plot bunny
    • a character has a near death experience & comes back changed


Jotacon said...

I will remember not to throw in any German :P

Bryan said...

This is a fun podcast. I've been listening since the 2006 nanowrimo. How about telling us a little more about your Nano novels?

I'd be interested to hear some of Steven's influences or inspirations for his fantasy novel.

Jotacon said...

Yeah, how about a titbit more about plot? I'm curious, what with the German and the space station. And of course, we all want to know what Steven is writing about too, after his difficult start.

Pleasance said...

Good words.