Tuesday, November 27, 2007

3:7 Getting Giddy

It's getting close to the end, and we're getting a little wacky around here. Good thing there are mp3s.
  • the usual suspects have feedback
  • keep it simple and go with the fun stuff if you're stuck
  • theme music is Dragon Dance by Shiva in Exile @ Magnatune.com
  • email darusha + nanowrimo @ gmail.com


Bryan said...

*cracks whip*

Write! Write!


This is Bryan, aka Hazimel on the forums, celebrating victory number two!

Thanks for the great podcast. You two are a hoot. It definitely helped keep me jazzed to keep on writing. Good luck.

Write! Write!

Bryan said...

oops, in between one look at the lists and another, Derusha crossed the finish line.


Looks like Stephen still needs to write more.

Go, bro, go!