Tuesday, November 06, 2007

3:3 Slow but Steady Going

Speaking of total garbage, an mp3!
  • Steven's experience
  • Darusha's experience
  • Get to those local meetups!
  • Feedback
    • Jennifer
    • bobbyjohn
    • Nan
    • Nidonocu
    • Lady Jane Grey
    • Martin
    • jotacon
  • Plot bunnies
    • have one of your characters impersonate another
    • when in doubt, bring in a man with a gun (Raymond Chandler)


Steven Ray Orr said...

All I've got to say is: whomever is writing that erotica with guns needs to get their NaNo publish as soon as possible.

You know.

So I can.. uh... research?

Nidonocu said...

Thanks for the shout out guys! :)

Anonymous said...

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