Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Episode 2:14 - It's All Over

Back to reality - this totally sucks! Oh well, at least there are mp3s.
  • housekeeping
    • the theme music is life in a tube by Bjorn Fogelberg which I found on the excellent Magnatune.com
    • keep on commenting and emailing if you want, but stop calling
  • main course
    • the other Sarah cascade-fire is a winner!
    • Michael is a winner!
    • Steph is a winner!
    • lulu.com has a free book offer for nanowrimo winners
  • reading
    • Sarah (cascade-fire)
It's been a great month! See y'all next year.

1 comment:

Sarah (cascade-fire) said...

Hey, look/listen! I'm all famous and stuff!

Thanks for reading my exerpt. Hearing someone read it aloud made it much clearer how completely confusing it is. :-)

I very definitely fall into the category of "I won and am really depressed now." My life has no meaning, now! And much like the last time I won, I'm dreading rereading it, especially since I know that I rambled for pages and pages about stuff that I'm going to cut because I wasn't quite sure how to hit my word count for a particular chapter after the action had run out. Sigh. There's actually another half to this novel I need to write, and the thought of that is making me drag my feet quite a bit when it comes to starting to revise.

Thanks for all your suggestions and support during NaNo2006! I'm already looking forward to next year, though I'm not quite crazed enough to do JaNoWriMo (January Novel Writing Month).